Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Silk Paintings Of Flowers At Barleycorn

Mixed Irises



I painted the each of the flowers using 'wet-on-wet', rather than on dry silk. The background to the delphiniums was achieved by dropping colour onto wet silk; the background in the Mixed Irises, had table salt as a resist; and grains of sea salt on a wet background were used for the sunflower painting.


If you click here it will take you to my main blog where you can read the latest story about the garden at Barleycorn.


If you click here you can look at my photo blog of the garden and see how the Chelsea tulips changed colour as they matured.


a friend said...

Just gorgeous! They look almost like stained glass.

A wildlife gardener said...

A warm welcome, Friend, to our little corner of paradise. Thank you for the lovely compliment. I am enjoying working with silk in the company of very kind friends :)

Sally said...

Oh, my! How beautiful! Do you sell them W.G.?

Sheila said...

These are beautiful. Nicer even than a regular water colour, the effect is so pretty on the silk.

Border Reiver said...

Wonderful. I've never attempted silk painting but these are a glorious mix of texture and colour.

JeannieTheDreamer said...

I feel so priviledged to see your work. It's beautiful.

Ruth Welter said...

Hey WG, these are just exquisite..I love them.. You have truly outdone yourself.

Sandy said...

These are breathtaking!!! Wow, beauties, all of them.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful and lovely are all that you share.
Blessings of love health peace and joy~
Love Jeanne ^j^

A wildlife gardener said...

Gosh I haven't been here for ages...thank you all for visiting...and waiting patiently for a reply :)

* I do sell my paintings, Sally. I belong to a Silk Painting Guild and a Watercolour Group. We have exhibitions where we exhibit our work :)

* How kind of you to say that, dear Sheila :)

* Since you a a wonderful artist, Border Reiver, I take that comment as a compliment. Thank you :)

* Thank you so much, Jeanniethedreamer. you are very generous to me :)

* Dear Ruth, coming from you your comments make me feel honoured :)

* Thank you, dear Sandy. I enjoy doing them :)

* Thank you, and I return all these good thoughts to you, dear Jeanne :)

Sorrow said...

These are beautiful!
I love the wet on wet look, I have used silk salts, but never table salt, I am always afrais it would harm the silk...
The water colors are nice, It must be hard to capture expressions in water colors..

Sandy said...

Would love to see more art! Have you created any lately.

A wildlife gardener said...

Gosh! It's such a long time since I looked in here...

* Welcome, Sorrow, and thank you for searching out my painting blog. I have not posted here much recently as I have been so busy helping my 83 year-old mum-in-law...thank you for the lovely complimets :)

* Sandy, I hope to get started soon on some family portraits. Unfortunately, I will not put them on the blog for reasons of privacy. I will, however, scan some of my other work when I have time to do some :)

Anonymous said...

~ The painting of the SunFlower is my favorite . . . i always love how the sunflower brings warmth, joy to the garden and seeds for people and birds to enjoy too!
Very nice painting.
Thank you for visiting my garden via my blog and leaving such heartwarming comments.
Your pal,

earthmama said...

stunning. purely stunning! you are incredibly talented! I LOVE YOUR WORK! So happy to have found you!!


A wildlife gardener said...

A warm welcome from my painting blog...sorry I've not been here lately... :)

* How wonderful to have your company, dear Becky :)

Thank you for visiting me again. Sunflowers make me smile too, Becky :)

* Welcome again, Earthmama. I am honoured you have visited two of my blogs. Glad you like my work :)

pve design said...

lovely work.

Sorrow said...

How about some photo's of poppy paintings? hint hint!

A wildlife gardener said...

Welcome, dear Sorrow...there are three from the past earlier in this blog...but, I hope to do some in the autumn... :)

IndianWildlifeClub said...

Beautiful paintings!

Sandy said...

Can't wait to see more beautiful paintings from you some day. Are you still painting at all?

Gretchen Bjornson ART said...

These are amazing! Painting on silk? Wow, beautiful.

Wanda said...

Thanks for stopping by my Art Blog.

Wow, you are painting again. I'm been remiss to come by, but I will be regular from now on.

Love what you have done on the silk... lovely. Like a mosaic.

My brushes were on the back burner too long. Had a six month MasterLife Bible Study that took so much of my time, but Wednesday is our last session!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your visit and comment on my birds blog.

I read, with interest, your description of how you get your different backgrounds on silk. What you do on silk is what I used to do on paper. I just got a set of gouache colors and dug out my old brushes and will begin it all over again one of these days.

andrea chiu said...

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